Female basemesh


A fully detailed female sculpt with skin details just ready for you to turn it into amazing characters.

The zbrush mesh has 3 layers:
-one for the non symmetrical details

-one for all the skin details(pores)

-and one layer that you can work on.

The first 2 subdivision levels can easily be used for game characters. The mesh has polygroups for easy selection and a detailed polypaint that can be used as albedo texture or as a base for your textures.

I hope you'll find it useful.

Georgian avasilcutei polypaint zbrush

polypaint in zbrush with skin material

Georgian avasilcutei mesh zbrush

zbrush view

Georgian avasilcutei wire polygroups

1st subdivision level and polygroups

Georgian avasilcutei 04 facedetails
Georgian avasilcutei 05 handdetails
Georgian avasilcutei 03 details
Georgian avasilcutei 02 polypaint


Georgian avasilcutei 01 fb white

lvl 2 subdivison with baked nmap and polypaint