Amunet - real time character tutorial


I've made this character for Artstation's challenge Ancient Civilizations. It took the 2nd place award.

It is game ready and has almost 100k triangles and 2x4k texture sheets.

The tutorial covers all the creation process of this character from initial zbrush sculpt till final textures. The whole video length is more than 20 hours with voice over and plenty of tips and tricks. This does not teach you the basics of the software so you need at least a basic knowledge to understand what I'm doing there.

The tutorial is split into 8 video so if you want to see just some part of it it should be easy to figure out where it is.

In the last video you will see some tips about baking and setting up your scene in Marmoset Toolbag 3.
You will also get the full model with ztl, psd files, fbx and marmoset toolbag 3 scene.

I hope you'll enjoy it. If you'll have any questions don't be afraid and ask awa

Release Notes

The first release failed to upload some of the files. Now it should be fixed.

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